3 Reasons to do Pushups Every Day

How often do you do some exercise in the morning?
Marines_do_pushupsMost of us get out of bed, go for a shower, have a coffee and just kind of laze around until we need to go to work or do something else. However, adding in some physical activity to your early morning regime could help you stay much healthier and fitter for years to come!

Push-ups are such an easy to do physical activity as they take very little room to do, and they are very difficult to do for long periods of time making it a great physical activity. If you ever feel tired or weak during the day, it’s probably due to the exertions of the day. By doing some physical activities like pushups, you can get avoid this mid-day crash. Check out some more health benefits of pushups at access2knowledge.org.

There are far too many people who rely on supplements and the like to stay fit and healthy – well, before these recent breakthroughs and the modern age of pills and flat screen TVs, we were a much more active race and took more time to stay healthy in natural ways, like physical activities!

A minimum of thirty minutes exercise a day should be an absolute must for you, five days a week. Consider the following as solid reasons why you should be doing push-ups every single day;

No Costs Needed!
Push-ups are an extremely enduring exercise and are known as a “bodyweight” exercise. Bodyweight exercises are physical activities that you can undertake without any support or equipment. This means that you can do them just about anywhere you have some space and privacy – the middle of the street may be a bit awkward – but there is no training needed, no equipment needed to do your daily push-ups!

Get Better with Time
A huge part of exercise is confidence. When you don’t feel up to the challenge and you are struggling to even get started, it can leave you feeling down about yourself with a lack of real drive to get better and beat your plateau. However, push-ups become easier with every passing day and within six weeks of constantly doing half an hour of push-ups, you could be doing over the 100 mark in that timeframe. That type of achievement would leave you with unbound confidence and belief in yourself.

Makes Work Easier
Most of us work with our arms and our legs. The power required to do push-ups makes doing these exercises much easier. By doing push-ups, you will find that your day job becomes far less exerting and easy to manage.

5 Reasons to Join the Army

United_States_Department_of_the_Army_Seal.svgAlthough war is never a good thing, protection is a very good thing. The military has long been one of the most respectable and rewarding careers that you can get involved with. Since the 70s, the United States army has been an all-volunteer army. Although all eligible male nationals must register when they turn 18, mandatory military service is no longer a thing.

So why would you want to join the military? What are the benefits of joining the military? What makes it such a special place to work in and be involved with?

Improve your Standards
The military is not just about driving tanks and shooting guns! When you enlist into the army, you have the chance to receive an education which is funded by the military. Students are struggling today to make ends meet and complete courses, so why not consider going for a proper career path that also gives you the skills to move into something else when you have served your time, years down the track.

A Long-Term Career
In the current market, many of us are signing up for jobs and taking on contracts that are short-term and temporary, leaving us with week-to-week living conditions. However, the military provides a weekly paycheck meaning that you know your family is taken care of! Pay the bills while you become a more disciplined and physically able person, and help keep your country safe.

It’s An Adventure!
The military offers a whole new scope of possibilities you could never take part in or live without being in the army itself. Those of you who are looking for a new challenge and some adventure would find it in spades in the military.
Family & Strength
The military is renowned for its family bonds and strength of friendship between soldiers. Those who come from a difficult background and need some foundation and support in their lives will find it in the military.

Respect Yourself
Self-esteem is hard to manage. A career in the military gets you in physical and mental shape and makes you feel better about yourself. The military is the path towards respect for yourself and your companions.

The military offers the perfect solution to your financial, physical and mental troubles. In the military, you can learn a wide array of transferable life skills, you can become much more disciplined and you may even make friendships and bonds that last for generations to come. The military may be hard, and it may be scary, but it’s certainly a solid career path for those with the work rate to get involved!

Becoming A Gunsmith In The Army

Being a gunsmith is something that most people automatically assume is just a career choice that is left to history books and fiction that takes place in alternative worlds. However, the fact is that there are still many people who need gunsmiths to create the weaponry necessary to protect themselves, as well as those that they love. One of the most common places where modern gunsmiths find employment is in the US army, where custom artillery and guns are still being used to fight for freedom.

The_U.S._Army_-_Marksmanship_trainingIf you want to become a gunsmith in the army, it’s important to make sure that you have the proper training, as well as the proper skills, in order to be successful at your job. A good gunsmith will have a high level of attention to detail, is very patient, and also is strong enough to handle lifting and carrying large blocks of metal throughout the day. Gunsmiths may also be required to be somewhat well-versed in gun design history, however this isn’t always the case with modern gunsmiths. If you think you have what it takes to be a good gunsmith, it’s time to take the plunge by getting the education that you need to become a gunsmith.

A typical gunsmith will still have an apprenticeship. Gunsmiths also have to go to gunsmith school to learn their trade. This can take anywhere from a couple of months to a couple of years depending on the school that you choose, the programs that you choose, and the depth of knowledge you choose to pursue as a gunsmith. Depending on whether or not they are enlisted in the military, many gunsmiths who work for the US army can have their schooling subsidized. Once you graduate from gunsmith school, you are going to be able to get one of the most secure, lucrative, and benefit-rich jobs in the army – and that’s a great thing to have in this economy.

The Importance Of Never Giving Into Fear

fearFear is one of the few incredibly powerful human feelings that we are born with. Being scared is natural; it may be of a particular thing, a situation or simply the unknown. The one thing we know for sure is that fear is generally needless. We fear things we know we don’t like but we already know we don’t like them. The other things we fear are trivial such as heights. Being scared of heights is actually more likely to make you fall of whatever you are on than just acting normally; this is why having the courage to not give in to your fears is so paramount to leading a good life.

Giving in to fear is like running away from shadows, there is just no need. You will feel defeated, maybe even depressed. However, if you show the mental strength to fight back and defeat your fear then you can look out on life in a completely different way. Simply knowing that you have beaten fear will raise your head and allow you to maintain the level of courage needed to keep on acting normally. Continue reading

Congratulations To Corporal Brian Johnson On His Engagement

We support out troops, and one of our bravest soldiers recently had the good fortune of starting out on a new chapter in a mission that we all want to experience at least once – marriage. During a romantic vacation in Hawaii, Corporal Johnson recently proposed to his longtime girlfriend of 5 years, Aimee, with a beautiful Emerald diamond ring (her birthstone). Brian Johnson proposed at the age of 29, to Aimee, who was 26 years old at the time. For them, their friends and their family, this is a magical time.

As anyone who has served in the military would know, finding a wife who will stay by your side is one of the most wonderful things that can happen for a soldier. Love is one of the very few things that everyone needs, and being able to finally see yourself walking down the aisle with the one you love is a special event that really only happens once in a lifetime. This is a joyous occasion for everyone involved, and both Brian and Aimee deserve to be congratulated on the great news. More details about their wedding date, as well as other interesting news will unfurl as time goes by.

Sightseeing In Washington, DC

Washington DC has a lot of different claims to fame. It’s the home of the US President, as well as the capital of the United States of America.
Many amazing historical events have happened here, so you might as well plan an amazing vacation here. You can also have an excellent time visiting random tourist spots in the city, but the fact is that it’s always advisable to plan ahead.

Here are our favorite places to visit.

  1. The Smithsonian Botanical Gardens – Arguably one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the Washington DC area, the Smithsonian Botanical Gardens is a stunning location that will definitely please those who love flowers, trees, and a stroll through some of the most well-planned gardens in the world. Bring a camera!
  2. The Lincoln Memorial - One of the most popular memorials to visit in DC is the Lincoln Memorial. Many people love to pay tribute to our 16th president by visiting, and taking a photo of the massive, beautifully crafted statue in his likeness.
  3. The Washington Memorial – Easily seen from many corners of Washington DC, the Washington Memorial is an amazingly tall obelisk that is always worth taking a photo of.
  4. The White House – If you have ever wanted to wave hello to the President of the United States, visiting the White House might allow you the opportunity to do so. Guided tours happen very frequently, but it’s always smart to book in advance.
  5. Ford’s Theater – Known as the location where president Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, Ford’s Theater is one of DC’s oldest theaters. Plays are still performed there to this day. It’s also worth noting that architecture fans will love to take photos of the theater’s beautiful decorations.
  6. The Old Ebbitt Grill – Built in 1856, this is one of the oldest grills and saloons in the Washington DC area. If you have ever wanted to dine at a location where politicians, interns, and history buffs alike enjoy American cuisine in a Victorian setting, this is the place to go. We hear the food tastes great!
  7. Carnegie Library One of the most famous libraries in America also calls Washington DC home. If you love to spend your days browsing through book son almost every subject imaginable, you will love spending some time at Carnegie Library. It’s also known for being spectacularly beautiful.

5 Best Vacation Destinations in the United States

There are a lot of places to visit in the United States and if you’re looking for a change of scenery then you don’t have to go very far if you live in the country. Just taking a trip to the next state over can be a lot of fun because each offers their own unique vacation opportunities. If you’re looking for a getaway and want to play it safe, read on to find out more about the 5 best vacation destinations in the United States.

1. New York City
Top_of_Rock_CroppedThe Big Apple has always been an iconic vacation destination in the U.S. New York City is a beautiful city and it offers a culture that no other place in the United States has. You can visit Queens with its Greek cuisine and nifty shopping centers, you can hang by the water and enjoy the Summer, and you can visit legendary masterpieces like the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building! There are many neighborhoods and a booming night life as well and of course everyone’s favorite location Central park.

2. Florida
Just about any destination in Florida is a great choice whether you are looking to party late into the evening, playing golf on their world class courses, treasure hunting or just have a fun time with your family. Florida is home to countless theme parks, from Disney World to Universal Studios and the Epcot center to Islands of Adventure, Lego Land and Wet and Wild Orlando. Florida also has countless beautiful sandy beaches to lounge by, world renowned seafood and stunning sunsets to enjoy.

3. San Diego, California
San Diego is one of the most beautiful cities in California and there are so many fantastic things to do that every vacation here could be a bit different. There’s a lot of sun, there’s pristine beaches, inexpensive hotels and affordable venues. You can visit Sea World and enjoy the aquatic life and then you can take a trip to the world famous San Diego Zoo and see an enormous variety of animals from all over the world.

4. Chicago
Chicago is a town all about the arts’ whether you enjoy musical performances that include Jazz and more, plays, photography, painting or what have you, this city is crowded with various museums, cultural events, restaurants and more.

5. Las Vegas
Las Vegas is a different kind of place which has gone through many stages and continues to grow and thrive as one of the hottest gambling hotspots in the world. Las Vegas is all about top level service and luxury hotel resorts, 5 star restaurants, all sorts of gambling opportunities at all different levels and more. If you haven’t been to Vegas before, you owe it to yourself to go at least once.

Funny Weird Names

Came across this funny article on strange, weird names. Some of them are just unfortunate coincidences, some of them are protests, some of them are cultural misunderstandings. Some of them are just a result of mentally deficient parents.

It’s kind of interesting to think about name conventions. Why are some names considered “ok”, why are others considered weird? Obviously names like Dick Assman are going to be funny, but why is it weird when a celebrity names their kid “Apple” or “Pilot”? Is it really worse than following social convention and naming your kid “Mike”, “John” or “Ashley”? Think of how many people you know with a name on this list.

Anyways, just a thought I wanted to share with you guys. If you want to see something interesting, also be sure to check out this list of weird creatures found recently or this list of the most dangerous cities in 2013.


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